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GlobalThe Great Spiritual Center "Mohra Sharif" (Holy Village; Mohra for "small village" and Sharif for "holy" or "noble") is an great spiritual center and home of the Naqshbandia, Mujaddadiya. Qasimiya sufi order, is a Naqshbandi in origin, and is based in a small village called Mohra Shareef located in the Murree hills of Punjab, outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. read more...

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Writer : Hazrat Sultan Bahu (ra)

Language : Urdu (Translation)

Book pages : 96

Brief Introduction :

In this book, the eight symptoms of a perfect being have been explained in a very detailed manner. Mention has also been made on the immensely important topics of honest livelihood, shedding of one’s ego, and the blessed court of prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H). Mention has also been made on the spiritual importance of the Sarwari Qadria order of Sufism. The effects and symptoms of one’s spiritual connection with his spiritual master have been explained. Various important topics have also been covered in this book. Hazrat Faqeer Altaf Hussain Sarwari Qadri (ra) has translated the book and thereafter has also provided absolutely splendid and enriching explanation of the relevant topics.

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